Why I started this blog

Why I started this blog

Introvision is a new, virtually unknown coaching technique. When working with this method, I’ve learned how extremely effective it is. During the last nearly forty years I have worked with a whole series of therapeutic techniques; none of which has proved as effective as Introvision.

Introvision was developed at the University of Hamburg by Prof. Angelika Wagner as an educational counseling method.

My goal is to make this method known and to enter into dialogue with as many people as possible about it: to answer questions, to discuss, to share and broaden experiences.

This blog is not only aimed at coaches, but wants to speak to anyone who is interested in using Introvision for themselves. The overarching themes of the blog are therefore “Personal Development” and “mental self-regulation.”


Further reading: Angelika C. Wagner “Gelassenheit durch Auflösen innerer Konflikte,” published by Kohlhammer, 2011

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