We are offering Introvision Coaching training courses

We are offering Introvision Coaching training courses 

Training Course „Introvision Coaching for Coaches“

Introvision Coaching is a well-researched method based on scientific insights which enables us to resolve even long-established, deep-rooted behavioral patterns, thereby providing a means for particularly sustainable coaching results.

Our training course consists of three blocks of two days respectively. The three blocks can only be booked as a package. Prerequisites for participation are:
– a coaching training (also ongoing if the training is almost completed),
– or extensive professional experience as a coach.

The training course consists of the following blocks:

1. Coach the Coach with Introvision: intense personal work to become familiar with the method, and discussion of the theoretical background.

2. Coach the Coachee: how to determine suitable coaching situations for Introvision, how can I incorporate Introvision into my coaching process, how can I explain Introvision to my client.

3. Supervision for Introvision Coaching cases: supervision of real-life cases provided by the participants, a deeper look at Introvision theory, clarification of potential problems and further questions.

Upcoming Dates:

Block 1: 30./31. 01. 2014
Block 2: 27./28. 03. 2014
Block 3: 27./28. 05. 2014

Trainer: Dipl. Psych. Ulrich Dehner

Location: Konstanz

Course fee

– graduates of Kontanzer Seminare coaching trainings: € 650 + VAT/course block

– all others: € 750 + VAT/course block

Further information: http://www.konstanzer-seminare.de/training-coaching-ausbildung/leistungsuebersicht/introvision/fortbildung-introvisioncoaching-fuer-coaches

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