Case Report: IntrovisionCoaching

Pflanze in BetonThe client, a woman in her fifties, asked for an urgent appointment. She had the opportunity to take a big step in her life, but this required a courage she felt she lacked at the moment. She had excelled at her job, which she pursued from home since her children had left the house, so that her employer wanted to continue to develop and promote her. For this purpose, she was asked to attend a two-day congress in a distant city. On the one hand, she was eager to go, on the other however, she was panicked because she hadn’t left the house on her own for years.

She got in touch with me as the date of the congress was imminent. Since she sounded desperate, I arranged a Saturday morning appointment with her. On Monday morning, she was scheduled to board the flight which would take her to the congress – time was of the essence!

When she came to me (accompanied by her husband), she told me that she was not able to leave the house on her own because she had repeatedly experienced bouts of panic while going somewhere on her own which were so intense that she was at once robbed of all her energy and that she was literally incapable of moving even a single step. Read more