Ulrich Dehner
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 36
78467 Konstanz

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  1. Dear Ulrich,
    I’m a coach and I practise meditation (mindfulness) for several years. I find introvision coaching a very interesting way to do coaching. I’m just discovering it through your blog, it’s new for me, but I’m excited about it, it joins the the 2 fields I’m interesting in: coaching and meditation. I never heard before introvision coaching or Angelika Wagner and I’d like to learn more about it. Your blog seems very complete, but is there any publication or books from Angelika Wagner (or others) about introvision coaching (in english, spanish or french, not in german) ? Does it exit courses or workshops for coaches? How can you be trained?
    Thank you to answer this mail and for all the information you can send me.
    Best regards.
    Olivier Burq


    • Dear Olivier,
      I’m sorry to say, there is only one book from Angelika Wagner in German. In English there is until now only my blog. I have training groups in Germany and I’m planing to start training groups in English if there are enough people interested.
      Best regards


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